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Britt Franks

Health is often defined as “the state of being free from illness or injury.”  For me, health is certainly those things, but also a way of life!  The opportunity to live and share my passion for living a healthy active lifestyle has always been a dream of mine.  As a personal trainer with 20 years experience in the Fitness Industry, I believe there are no quick fixes for achieving optimal health; that the path towards optimal health is an infinite journey.  I believe that everyone can cultivate awareness towards nurturing their body through functional movement and food choice.  My goal is to inspire you to start your journey.  And I am here to guide you every step of the way!

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Fitness Training Hanover Ontario

Private Training:

These 1 on 1 sessions offer a real opportunity for me to assist you on your fitness journey!  Private Training allows me to take a very individualized approach to training by considering medical and exercise history, current ability, goals and aspirations, and the availability of each individual client.  This tailored approach allows me to truly educate each of my clients so they feel challenged yet empowered to conquer each of their sessions in a fun environment while reducing their risk for injury.

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Online Group Training:

With on and off gym closures and personal care services being interupted during the pandemic, online fitness classes are more popular than ever!  My online classes provide an incredible opportunity to vary your routine, hold you accountable, boost motivation, and keep you safe…..all from your very own living room.  The constant variety in these 40 minute sessions will keep your body guessing and are suitable for all fitness levels.  This is a real opportunity for some sweaty, fitness fun while training in a safe environment.

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Fitness Training Owen Sound Durham Region

Day Long Kids Camps:

These are jam packed fun filled days focusing on many different aspects of healthy growth and development for kids!  Camps allow me to share my passion for inspiring excitement towards caring for your body starting at a young age.  With an age appropriate approach to functional movement and nutritional education, these day long camps allow kids to learn to set appropriate goals, make educated food choices, and be mindful about their lifestyle habits.

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Fit Food:

I have come to live by the understanding that with every food choice we make, there is an opportunity to nourish the body.  Fit Food is a plant-based, eco-friendly meal prep service that always your health in mind.   I utilize a balanced approach to prepare healthy meal options that will provide convenience, and take the guesswork out of mealtime, all while nurturing the body.  The Fit Food system runs via a mason jar recycling program meaning that all orders are packaged in mason jars to maintain freshness and the well-being of our Mother Earth.


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